For some women, marriage is a source of joy and I wanted to tell their stories too so I made a call for Nigerian women to share with me the best thing about being married. Here’s what six of them had to say. 

Kikelomo, 25, married for four years 

My husband and I talked about my career plans before we got married, and he has supported me through it since then. He works 15 hours a day so I can focus on going to school, and taking care of our child. I am almost done with school and should start working to relieve him of the financial burden but I have plans to go to medical school in a few years time. When I told him about it, all he said was, “Okay, we should start working on it”. He’s willing to work more hours so I can go to medical school again! 

I love being married to him because he gets me and he’s a huge supporter. If I wasn’t married, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my career goals because I would want to focus on earning to take care of myself. What we have allows me to dream and plan my future. When I asked him why he’s so supportive and he said, “A lot of men are successful because their wife sacrificed something. If I have to sacrifice for you to be successful, I will always do it.”

Deborah, 28, married for three years

For me, it’s a lot of things. One of my favourites is when I get frustrated looking for something and he starts searching all the places I could have left it in. We have children and being married to their dad means that there’s someone who knew me before marriage, who knows me now and understands the difference. 

Another thing is when I’m doing something and I see him out of the corner of my eye, shirtless. I’m like wow, I can’t believe I get to fuck that till I die. The icing on the cake is that my ass can never pass his front without him spanking me. 

Dimma, 25, married for three months

I have strong anti-patriarchal views and I love that he understands me. Sometimes, I wake up at 3 am to stare at him and think to myself “MAN! I won in this life o.” Having a partner whose life is positively intertwined with mine is God’s gift to me. He really is the one for me —  the tick to my tock!

Ibinabo, 49, married for 13 years.

I love that I have my best friend to share the good, bad and ugly parts of my life with. I especially love our silence the most.

Samira, 52, married for 26 years 

Being married for as long as I have been, I know that things can come to threaten the balance of a home but the love we have suppresses every other thing. I love that we support each other with parenting. He is the best thing that happened to me. 

Jolie, 34, married for two years

Honestly, the best thing for me is being warm at night. Knowing that when I am cold, there’s someone to hold. 

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