7 Odd Things People Say About Fair-Skinned Guys

February 20, 2020

You think having a fair skin can save you from Nigerians? Nah, try again. If they don’t think you’re a flirt, they want to know the colour of your wiwi. Nigerians will never let you be. That’s our lesson for today.

1. “Fair guys are the slay queens.”

Because they’re fair? That’s unfair, sha. All pun intended.

2. “It’s those fair guys that will test your pant when you’re out of the house.”

Image result for men in women's panties

Is this what you mean?

3. “This one you’re fair like this, you must be soft oh.”

Image result for usman shagari

Umar Shagari, Sheu Shagari’s grandson begs to differ.

4. “Are you bleaching?”

Whatever happened to a naturally fair-skinned guy? Is that impossible to imagine?

5. “I’m sure your something is black.”

What do you mean by something, please?

6. “See how you’re fair. You must be a flirt.”

Image result for usman shagari

In Yoruba, “Faworaja okunrin.” Translated to mean: a man who seduces with his skin.

7. “Fair guys are actually cleaner.”

Image result for usman shagari

Do you mean clean as in hygiene or clean as in skin colour? Because we have many points to prove you wrong.

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