Do you feel like your proposal options are limited? Well, they’re not. To prove that here are seven unique places you can propose, to spice up your prenuptials. 


Who needs living witnesses when you can have dead ones? 

Filling station

Since there’s always a crowd, you won’t need to drag your family and friends here. They might even congratulate you with free 25 litres of fuel. 


It could be your wedding or another person’s. Either way, it’s a great way to save resources because after you propose, you can just use someone’s leftover wedding

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Another person’s proposal 

They’ve already set up everything you might need, so why not? 


Just in case the person you’re proposing to faints from excitement. No need to be rushing them to the hospital. 


As a Nigerian, you already spend the bulk of your life in traffic. So why not? 


If the possibility of them saying no is high, do it in your room to avoid public disgrace.  

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