You know what I hate? Those videos where a man proposes to a woman, and she’s so surprised, she runs away, screaming and crying like she’s Chicken Little and the sky is falling around her. Ladies, it’s time to wise up.

As a man, I’ve written this article to tell you the signs men give off when they’re about to propose to you. So that when it does happen, you can twirl around in your high chair and say, “I’ve been expecting you.”  

He takes you to your favourite restaurant.

If your man ever tells you to get dolled up so he can take you to your favourite restaurant, just start alerting all the other men you’ve been cheating on him with. He’s about to pop the question and turn you from a girlfriend who cheats into a wife…who’s still cheating just as much.

If you’re reading this and your man did take you to your favourite restaurant but the night didn’t end with an engagement, it means he hid the ring in your food and you swallowed it. Congrats, bestie. 

He doesn’t take you to your favourite restaurant.

Men are sneaky. If a man ever takes you to a place that’s not your favourite restaurant, it means he’s preparing something exciting for you. He’s saving the best for the last and wants to drop your expectations so that when he finally does take you to the restaurant and pops the question, you’ll be excited.

He cheats. 

Men only cheat to test women. Your reaction when he cheats on you goes a long way in determining whether you deserved to be called “Iyawo” or not. If you shout and fight with him, you’ve failed the test, and there’s no marriage for you. If you forgive him and encourage him to cheat even more, you’ve passed the test. It means you will stick with him through thick and thin, and support all his decisions. You go, iyawo!

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He stops giving you money.

Is “For richer for poorer” a joke to you? A man that doesn’t give you money is putting you through the loyalty test. Will you stay? Will you run away? We are watching.

Also, if he borrows money from you and refuses to pay it back, relax. He’s paying towards your wedding.

He starts hanging out with funny people.

If he starts hanging out with skit makers and the likes, it means they’re planning to do one of those surprise proposals. Watch out. 

He suddenly starts looking at or sucking your fingers. 

If you ever catch your man looking at your fingers or sucking them during sexy time, he’s trying to measure your fingers. Men don’t know finger sizes, so when it’s time to buy a ring, he’ll try his best to measure them with his eyes or tongue. 

He randomly buys a suit.

Apart from proposals, what do men need suits for? No, tell us?

He attends a wedding or likes a wedding post on IG.

If he does this, he’s trying to hint at you. Women don’t get hints. We’re trying to help you here. Open your eyes. 

He looks at you.

A man? Looking at you? He’s using his eyes to measure your body for your wedding dress. Congrats, babes. 

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