WARNING: Only try these things with people who understand that you’re joking. I will NOT be held responsible for the ensuing gbas gbos if you try this with someone you’re not friends with.

1) Remind them that they’re spending all that money on skincare products and still aren’t getting any results.

“So that thimble-sized bottle of vitamin c serum isn’t doing anything? LMAO”

2) Send them any picture you see on social media of people with clear skin.

“Look at your mates. Do they have two heads?”

3) Randomly look at their face and say, “Hmm. That’s a new pimple”.

“Well, looks like your face is just full of surprises.”

4) Casually mention how their face reminds of the road leading to Badagry.

nigerian national assembly renovation 27bn

“I just remembered the time a car I was in broke down on the way to Badagry. It ‘s your face that reminded me sef. The road was rough as hell and…”

5) Tell them they look like the moon emoji if it was more realistically textured.

Then watch them break down in tears…or stab you in the face.



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