To be a pastor’s child in Nigeria must be very scary. First, there is the burden of your family on you, and then the society’s burden is added. Nigerians say a lot about pastors children, and we would like to know, how true are these things?

1. “Pastors children are the most wayward.”

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“The girls are always quick to get pregnant and the boys usually end up badly.”

2. “Pastors children don’t usually believe their father’s ministry.”

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“Most times, they end up as unbelievers.”

3. “Pastors children are the most indisciplined.”

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“They lack discipline and you wonder what their parents are teaching them.”

4. “Only few pastors children end up becoming pastors.”

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“A very few.”

5. “Pastors children are the greatest pretenders.”

“They are. They really are.”

How true (or false) are these things? Tell us what you know.


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