So you’ve moved out of your parents’ house because you want to live on your own. You’ve gone through the stress of house hunting in Nigeria and found the perfect place. You’ve even paid for it so you think the stress is over. Lol

You’re wrong.

1) Blinds

If you think these things are cheap, prepare to have your head spin as the blinds installer guy comes to your house, measures your windows and charges you N60,000 per window. You might just be better off with cloth curtains.

2) Furniture

You’re strongly going to consider eschewing chairs, tables, bed frames, etc and chilling on the floor when you find out that a good couch set costs like N250,000 upwards.

3) Mattress

When your favourite online store lets you know that quality king size mattress you had in your parents’ house costs from like N50,000 and above, you’ll long for the days of raffia mats.

4) Television

Sure, you could get a 32 inch but that’s going to make every character that shows up on screen look like an Oompa Loompa. You’ll want a 40 inch one at least, and the quality smart ones cost….a lot more than you think TVs cost.

5) Air Conditioner

This one won’t just wreck your bank account when you buy it, it’ll keep doing damage by dramatically increasing your electricity bill every month. Remember that in Nigeria, you get little to no breaks from the heat.



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