Most people spend a good chunk of their early years dreaming about the day they’ll move out of their parents’ house, so they can have their privacy and get to do all the things they always wanted to but couldn’t because their parents would’ve slapped them silly.

What no one ever talks about are the stressful things people go through during the house-hunting process.

Stressful things like:

1) Actually finding a suitable place

Your agent informs you that he’s found a place. You both go there and you have to spend the rest of the afternoon resisting the urge to angrily tackle him to the ground because the apartment is the size of a closet, with no windows and one bathroom the entire building has to share.

2) The discrimination you sometimes face from landlords

You’ve heard the stories. Landlords turning away suitable tenants because of their tribe, gender, occupation, age etc.

3) Landlords forcing people to pay up to two years rent upfront

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that hits when, after months of searching, you find the perfect place, and the landlord demands two years rent upfront (and you don’t have that much money saved up).

4) House maintenance.

Some landlords promise Eko Hotel-levels of service before you move in, only to vanish and block your number the first time you call to say you want something fixed. The deceit is real out here.

5) Some landlords’ aversion to cohabitation

Some landlords are vehemently against the idea of two or more people renting from them for a variety of strange reasons, disregarding the fact that having roommates reduces the cost of living for the individuals involved.

SPLEET won’t do all this to you, though.

SPLEET doesn’t care if you’re an entire extended family of Igbo bushbabies because it offers shared (as well as entire) living spaces. SPLEET knows that it’s insane to ask for two years rent upfront in this economy, which is why it offers daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options. SPLEET will never leave you hanging when you need something fixed because all bills and utilities are included in the subscription fee.

Simply put, SPLEET is an online platform that hooks people up with high-quality, fully-furnished living spaces. The platform eases the house-hunting process so you don’t lose your mind. You can get more information about the platform on their website. You can also check them out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.”


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