Does anyone else get the urge to tackle their computers to the ground and pummel it till it’s nothing but a pile of scraps and crackling electricity? Just me? Maybe I have anger issues, then. Anyways, here are 4 ways the internet annoys you every day.

1) Certain sites making you take captcha tests to ensure that you’re human.

What the Heck Is That?: CAPTCHA - The New York Times

The irony of a fucking machine making me prove I’m a human. We’ve given these things too much power.

2) When you’re trying to change your password to some platform because it insists the one you tried to log in with was wrong but then proceeds to tell you this:

Enters Password WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG *Resets Password* NEW ...


*flips virtual furniture*

3) When you’re creating a password to a platform and the platform insists that your password can’t just be a simple word or sequence of numbers and must include an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number, a rune, 3 hieroglyphs, and a cave drawing of a pre-historic orgy.

sigh - "Your password must be between 8-20 characters and contain ...


4) When you try to log in to a platform and it says that your password or email address is wrong, leaving you confused and wondering:

“You are a social media site and not the cave of wonders! TELL ME WHICH ONE!!”


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