February went by very fast, but Twitter NG users had a lot to laugh about. From tweets about Valentine’s day to an entire generational war, here are some of the most hilarious Nigerian Tweets from February 2021.

1. You had to be there to understand this one.

2. This sage advice.

3. Violence? Yes, please.

4. This cat getting dragged for no reason.

5. A valid question.

6. I’m screaming!

7. Ak-47 who?

8. Pharaoh, please.

9. This one is boderline dark, but…

10. Probably the most accurate use of this meme ever.

11. Every Nigerian mother ever:

12. That’s one way to pray.

13. Last? God forbid.

14. FK as a Nigerian mother once again? Perfect.

15. I need to know if they were joking.

16. Men.

17. When Valentine’s Day is on Sunday.

You should read our interview with a saxophone.

18. It must have been a shocking discovery.

19. Amaka.

20. Pun level: 10000.

21. When football meets Nollywood.



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