Twitter NG wasn’t as funny in April 2021 as it was in February, but we still found some gems for you.

Here are some of the funniest tweets from Twitter Nigeria last month.

1. Nigerian men can’t catch a break on these streets.

2. This pun made me chuckle.

3. Ask a Yoruba person what Adura means.

4. There’s studying, and there’s studying.

5. Send this tweet to your Nigerian mother.

6. This queen that knows what she wants.

7. In these Buhari times?

8. This relatable tweet about poverty.

9. Why did he say Cabin biscuit?

10. Igbo women in the mud?

11. Biodun is the perfect name for this tweet.

12. “Crackheads” is the only fitting caption for this video

13. This Lion King/Sapa mashup.

14. Tell me your mother is Yoruba without telling me your mother is Yoruba.

15. Arsenal fans in the mud.

16. Man Like Femi, please.

17. Football lovers will choke on their food when they see this one.

18. For the joy of the Lord.

19. Every Nigerian church ever…

20. He actually tagged NDLEA. This man is a menace.



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