Going to a party alone can be the ultimate ghetto. Do you know how annoying it can be when you only know the celebrant of an event? If you’ve ever been to a party alone, you can relate to this. 

You wake up in the morning and wonder why you agreed to go to this thing in the first place. 

You hate that none of your friends can make it because they don’t know the person celebrating. 

But oh well, what can you do? You have to go. 

You’re dressed and ready to go. Looking like a sweet snack, you step out of your house. 

You’ve gotten to the party, greeted the celebrant and now you’re just sitting in one corner, pressing your phone.

Boredom wants to finish you. You wish you could just go home, but you haven’t spent up to ten minutes.

You’re looking at everybody having fun with their friends, gisting, laughing and dancing. Mscheeew.

The celebrant offers you a drink and you gladly take it. Being bored and sober isn’t a good combination. 

As you’re sitting jejely on your own, a stranger decides to walk up to you and try to toast you. As if this day couldn’t get any worse. 

You’re on your fourth drink.

You stood up to dance, but everyone on the dance floor is grinding.  


The alcohol in you says, “Fuck it”, and you get on the dance floor. You see a group of people dancing by themselves and decide to join them.

Before you know it, one foolish person is trying to dance with you. 

What rubbish!

You decide to go back to your seat and have another drink. 

Now, you’re bored again.

But you’re also drunk.

You decide it’s time to go home before you do something foolish in front of people you don’t know. Time to order Uber home. 

You’ve gotten home, and now, you’re gisting your friend everything that happened. Never again.



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