February was the first full month we had Twitter back since Bubu and his boys took it away last year. As usual, Nigerians showed how absolutely unhinged they were with these hilarious tweets. Which ones are the funniest?

1. Modern problems require modern solutions.

2. Okay, but picture The Weeknd carrying a bucket of water on his head.

3. Aspire to perspire.

4. UI/UX Solutions Architect.

5. How is Waheed so accurate?

6. Noooooooooo! Now I can’t unsee it.

7. The way I screamed.

8. I am that goat, and that goat is me.

9. After a $1,000 dinner?

10. Basketball slander is always welcome.

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11. Why are Nigerians so… rude?

12. Ah, please o.

13. Equal representation.

14. These are the real questions.

15. A perfect relationship.

16. Flutterwave announces new $3 billion valuation, next thing…

17. Thotimus Prime didn’t lie though.

18. Davido started training long before the war started. What does he know that we don’t?

19. Make Buhari no go dey insult Putin o.

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