Port Harcourt has the best bole and fish in Nigeria, that’s a proven fact. They also have one of the best street code in Nigeria. The Port Harcourt slang is so different from the normal ones you might be used to. And that’s why we beg you to not say these things outside.

1. Use your kafa

Use your head, or think clearly.

2. Wipe

It means fuck. For example, “I don wipe that guy. He no too sabi.”

3. Cutout

Run. Japa. Flee.

4. Duck

To hide something. “Chiamaka, duck that phone. SARS dey come.”

5. Kpor well

Basically, “go and sit down.” Can be used during confrontations.

6. Root out

To bring out something, especially weapons

7. AP

House. Eg: We gather for my papa AP oh

8. Bell

To call someone. I dey come, make I go bell my babe.

9. White

N50. Yes, fifty naira.

Another slang for money is “Kabulas or Rubber”

10. Manchi

Used to describe a close man to a cultist or someone from your cartel

11. Bani/ Shenkes /Kpalas

Pretty babe.

12. Amana

AC (Air Conditioner). The amana wey dey my papa AP don get fault.

13. Abobi


14. Comot your body

Make way.

15. Cut put for my body

“Give me part of something. Money, especially.”

16. Capping careless

Talking shit or talking out of point.

17. Sea rough

Things are hard.

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