Never lend a Nigerian an amount that would kill you to part with, because no one has ‘Onigbese’ written on their head. So, to help you move on, here are 15 signs that you are never seeing that money again.

1. When you call to ask for your money and they’re like:

Hay God! On top my own money?

2. When they completely stop updating on social media.

If you like delete all your accounts.

3. When they start using God to swear.

Don’t let God punish you.

4. Onigbeses and “I didn’t see your missed call”

Ode, how will you see?

5. When they start acting brand new.

You call them and they’ll be like, “Is there a problem?”

6. When they always find a way to imply that they’re broke when they see you.

Na so.

7. When they ask if they can pay you in installments.

5k now, 3k later, 2k on your death bed.

8. When you message them on WhatsApp and they leave you on:

See my life.

9. When you ask them if they saw your message.

Don’t let me swear for you.

10. When they start telling you about money that will soon enter their account.

I’ve heard you.

11. Whenever they see you in public.

See this one.

12. When they start telling you about their family problems.

Is that what I asked you?

13. When they text you an epistle everytime you remind them about the money.

Is this one mad?

14. When they start reminding you of all the things they’ve done for you in the past.

“Remember that time I bought you Tampico in JSS 2.”

15. When they finally block you everywhere.

Somebody wants to die.



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