If you say any of the words in this article, you’re a 50+ person. Don’t argue with us.

1. Wherewithal

“Father Lord, please give us the wherewithal…”

2. Hullabaloo

Anyone who says this was a primary school proprietor in their past life.

3. Moist

Nobody should be saying this word. This is one of the weirdest English words ever.

4. Nincompoop

You’re not allowed to say this if you don’t have grandchildren.

5. “Satis” instead of “Sausage”

Big mummy, please.

6. “Platform” instead of “Group chat”

Big daddy, please.

7. Happenstance

How do you even use this in a sentence?

8. Gallivanting

This word has aggressive energy. It just does.

9. Nevertheless

What is this? King James Bible?

10. “Raggolis” instead of “Plastic bottle”

Don’t say this.

11. Damsel

This usually goes well with the word pretty. It’s usually “Pretty Damsel”.

12. Peradventure

Just say maybe. Ahn ahn?

13. Howbeit

I don’t even know what this means.

14. Groove

Let’s groove baby.

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