If you’ve been thinking of what to get as your first or next tattoo, how about tattooing a meme? The following are the most tattoo-able memes.

Don’t upset me

So people know not to try you.

I’m the boss

Because you’re a boss bitch.

Eating good

For motivation. Because one day you’ll be so rich, you’ll be eating money for breakfast. 

Spend this money

For when you’re doubting whether to pay rent or buy that new iPhone, tattooing this Mene will remind you to enjoy life because problem no dey finish.

The Ghetto

Capitalism is a bitch and this tattoo will make sure you never forget.

Blah Blah Blah

So that men won’t be chatting shit to you.

Attending to business

Money comes first, don’t forget.

God abeg

For when life is showing you shege.

Thank God

To remind you that life showed you shege in the past but you’re good now. 

E choke

If you like to be choked, get this tattoo. 

Chop Life

So you can remember to chop life make life no chop you.

Secure the bag 


 Just so you never forget.

You’re on crack 

For when you do foolish things. 


This should be your motto at all times, and that’s why you should get it tattooed on your body.

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