If you’ve ever lied through your teeth to a close friend, in order to get them to a place where others were waiting to surprise them, this article will feel too familiar

Something good is happening to someone dear to you

It’s Buhari’s birthday next month.

And don’t know what to get them

Also, sapa is outside.

Then it hits you

Out of nowhere, an idea pops into your head.

Let’s throw a surprise party

What could possibly go wrong? 

First, you tell a mutual friend 

Once they share your excitement, you’re good to go. 

Then you open a group chat

Five or six people. Add too many people and someone will mess up by mentioning it around the person you’re trying to surprise. 

You people start scheming and planning 

“So she’s meant to be at her boyfriend’s house that day, but he’ll tell her he wants to take her out instead. That’s where we’ll be.”

And telling people to make videos

What’s a surprise party without videos from friends and family?

This is you asking the person for their plans for that day

And when they ask you why you’re asking, you say, “Oh nothing.”

And this is you when people begin to behave one kind on the group chat

“You people should not spoil my handwork.”

When you mistakenly let something slip

“I have used my own mouth to destroy myself.”

But they don’t catch on

We move! 

This is you two days before the event

At this point, all the thoughts of possible failure begin to cloud your mind.

One day before the event 

Anxiety? What’s that?

When the celebrant is outside 

“You guy’s, hide, hide! She’s here.”


They scream. Laugh. Start crying. 

And then, you explain how you planned it

“Remember when I asked you what you were doing today? We’ve been planning this for months!”

In your mind, you’re oga planner

 Any other planner doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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