Secondary school slangs were very unnecessary. They made transitioning into adults in university difficult, especially if you attended a boarding school. Here’s a list of some of the worst ones.

1. Jonz

You’d ask someone for help or for a favour and they’ll say “Don’t Jonz” as in, don’t even think about it, give up. First of all, why? Who is Jonz? Or is it Jones? And secondly, do they know their name is being used for nonsense?

2. Fap

This secondary school slang was tricky because for guys it meant masturbation but it could also mean steal. Which totally makes sense in a twisted way.

3. Sap\owu

This one is now popularly known as Sapa but back then, it used to mean a shortage of all provisions. That’s when people used to eat the weirdest combinations because of poverty.

4. Chow

As the name suggests, it meant to eat but because secondary school slangs are created for teenagers, eating could be anything. That’s all we have to say.

5. Banged

As an adult, this has a new meaning but in secondary school, it was mostly used when you failed, as in you banged a test.

6. Jacking

If you went to a boarding school, chances are your locker probably got jacked at least once. This is when someone uses an iron bucket to break a padlock, we won’t be taking further questions.

7. Dubs

This is just a teenager’s weird way of saying that they cheated in a test of exams. For example, Ibukun dubbed the further Maths from Itohan during exams.

8. Shred

Because teenagers, like children, can be a little childish in their ways, they do not deal with rejection well, hence the existence of this slang. This secondary school slang was mostly used when someone asks for something and gets denied. E.g My dad shredded me when I asked him for one million naira.

9. Akagum

If you are tightfisted, this slang is not new to you. Basically, Akagum means someone that cannot give, you are stingy and have no joy.

10. Stab

A lot of these slangs made no sense but this one makes the least sense. If you went missing during assembly, a normal friend would say, oh you missed assembly but secondary school kids would say you stabbed assembly. Which is not overdramatic at all.



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