So you’ve been in a relationship since Jesus resurrected and your man is not moving the motion for marriage. Will he eventually pop the question or not? Here are 10 signs to take note of:

1. He goes silent whenever you mention the word marriage either jokingly or seriously.

This should be a tell tale warning sign for you. But you like feeling hopeful, so you will stay. You better come down and enter another ship now.

2. He has never never introduced you to his family.

And you’ve been dating for like a year or two. Girl, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that man may never be ready.

3. He has introduced you to his family.

Listen to us: if he doesn’t say it explicitly that he wants to marry you, he’s not serious yet. See that meeting of family ehn, na wash sometimes. Fake. Some mothers know their son has up to five babes, but will they talk? No. They will welcome the new addition and collect Bournvita. May this never be your portion. Amen?

If you eventually meet his parents, then do this:

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4. You are literally living with him, but you don’t even have an engagement ring or a solid plan, and the relationship sef is undefined.

Just start collecting salary. You have now become a live-in help.

5. Your relationship is 10% of Nigeria’s present age and nothing is manifesting.

Do the maths and know if you will break up or not. We will not use our mouth to tell you what is next.

6. You have been engaged for many years.

Our Lady of the rings, pray for us.

7. You don’t know any of his friends.

Okay na.

8. You know his friends and they call you, “Our friend’s wife.”

Better japa. Those ones know what’s up. They just won’t talk.

9. The relationship is serious, but he still talks about wanting to be in the streets.


Girl, flee.

10. Or worse, he says things like: “Your future husband will enjoy you oh.”

So, what are you to me? Answer me, Emeka. WHAT ARE YOU TO ME?

A word is enough for the wise.

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