Lately, on Twitter, there’s this trend where someone tweets a sentence in the English language and then provides an English word that captures what that sentence would sound like if spoken by Ibadan people.

Language really is a funny thing. These ten tweets prove that.

PS: You’ll need an Ibadan person, or a Yoruba person, to read these tweets to you.

1. Insubordination

I imagine them screaming this at each other during a political meeting.

2. In-law

The market woman when you ask her if she can blend your pepper for you.

3. Incisor

Imagine an Ibadan happening babe saying this in defence of herself.

This is the picture in my head:

4. Emergency


5. Intermediary

When you ask an Ibadan tech bro if he has ever sold media.

6. Ammunition

Ibadan people telling you how they caught a criminal.

7. Joe Biden

LMAO y’all are out of pocket for this.

8. Injury

😭 😭 😭

9. Injudicial

It’s the twerking for me 😭

10. Indomie

This is where I draw the line, please. I might need to contest for a political post in Ibadan someday. 😭



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