Beauty products are constantly evolving. But no matter how much they evolve, there are some products that will always remain the OGs. We made a list of them. How many can you remember? More importantly, how many of them did you use?

1. Shirley and POP face cream

Early 90s babies will never know this, please. Let’s leave this one for those born in the late 90s.

2. OG skin problem creams

Pimples? Eczema? Rashes? Just derm it all. Every night before bed, every morning after you wake up. Chai, 90s babies suffered.

3. The OG hair shampoos

Their kegs always ended up as kerosene kegs.

4. OG styling gels

The reigning queens that year.

5. 2000 N Six face cleanser

The other counterpart is “Rubbing Alcohol.” Mostly used by the mothers, so you get a pass if you don’t remember this.

6. OG body creams

Cocoa Butter and Miss Caroline. It was either one or the other. Notable mentions: Skinlight, Looking Good.

7. The OG of face creams

You had to have used one of them. Or all, if your skin problems were follow-come problems.

8. The OG lightening creams

Not everyone will know this, but they were quite popular in the market. Lemonvate, Tempovate, Fashion Fair, Movate.

9. Perfumes

A lot of these perfumes are still in use. But you see that Pucelle… the OG of all OGs.

10. Pink oil.

The holy grail of slay back then. Here’s another place where you need it:

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Which beauty product did we leave out? Tell us!

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