If you’re a woman who’s ever lived with other women in a hostel or flat, you’d definitely know these six perks/disadvantages that come with it. 


Women get really comfortable with other women. So living with them means you’ll see so much nakedness, you’d be immune to it. 

Period syncs 

Everyone in the room will suddenly start having their period at the same time. It’ll mess up your schedule and the room’s energy, but it is what it is.

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Relationship advice

One thing women will do is carry your relationship on their head. They’ll snap you out of your rubbish with love, and sometimes, intense anger. 

Free styling 

Who needs a stylist when you’re a woman living with women. Women don’t allow you leave the house if you don’t look like the most flattering version of yourself. 

An expansive wardrobe 

You never only have just one wardrobe. Even if the women you live with aren’t the same size as you, there’s never a limit on things you can share — from wigs to earrings to scarves. Living with women means having an extensive wardrobe. 

Lack of personal space 

Kiss your privacy goodbye. Women are conditioned to be extraordinarily friendly and kind. This can lead to them forgetting that there are certain things you need permission for. 



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