The kinds of sanitary products you use during your period has a lot to say about the kind of person you are. It’s a scientific fact.

1) Pads

You’re someone who doesn’t really like deviating from the norm. Pads were the first thing you were introduced to, and they seem less hassle free and complicated than the rest. Trying new things is not your forte, but loyalty to your day ones is. You might also be an Arsenal fan.

2) Tampons

You like action and a little bit of adventure. You feel like life will be boring if you let something like a period limit the kind of things you can do. You’re also willing to put in the work for the kind of life you want, and we respect that. It might get a bit uncomfortable at times, but for you, the reward is greater. You’re full of action and doings.

3) Menstrual cups

You’re in the same category as people who use Apple watches. All of you act like you have the cheat codes for life, and we’d like for you to share with us. You’re not above leaving situations that don’t work for you and that’s Queen energy.

4) Period panties

You are scary, but you shouldn’t be. People tend to mistake you for a bitch, but you’re one of the sweetest souls to ever exist. They just have to break through the barrier of miscommunication. The people that are worth it will find you, and love you just as you are.

5) No product

You’re a very free spirit and the kind of person to befriend a stranger at the bar and become their child’s godparent. Everyone loves you, and it’s because you’re very accommodating and non-judgemental. Everyone in your friend group knows that when you’re around, it’s going to be a great time.

6) Menstrual disc

You think you’re better than everyone. A lot of people might call you a snob, and they’re not entirely wrong. It’s not your fault, it’s how you’re made.

7) Mixing products

If you use more than one product for the duration of your period, then you are not someone that could be trusted with making choices. You’re very indecisive and it can be a very endearing trait. People love you for your impulse, but sometimes it’s the reason they hate you.



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