The question of whether or not to use tampons instead of pads is one many women can relate to. In this article, five Nigerian women talk about their first time using tampons

tampon bleeding

Tare, 21

I got my first tampon when I was 19. I found them to be really comfortable. I don’t have to wear a pant while I am wearing tampons. When I used pads, I got stained a lot but I rarely get stained wearing a tampon. I can sleep in whatever position I like. 

The only issue I have with tampon usage is it tends to make my cramps a bit more painful, compared to when I use a pad. 

Peace, 24

I used to always get pad rash when I was younger and I hated how pads felt. One day, my friend and I saw tampons at the mall and we decided to try them. I was 18 at that time. It made me feel free. I haven’t used pads since then. 

The best part about tampons is not feeling anything in your vagina during your period. I hate my periods so tampons will always win for me. 

Somi, 19

I went to stay with my friend sometime in April. She uses Tampons and seemed comfortable so I decided to try them for myself. They are the most comfortable period product to me. I don’t like that people aren’t enlightened about it. They see the stick and immediately assume it’s uncomfortable. I am able to pee, swim and have sex unlike when I am wearing a pad. Right now, there’s nothing I hate about it. 

Bibi, 16

In April, I had a swimming competition and my period started that morning. I had heard about tampons but never tried them. That day, I had no option but to use it. Since then, I have been loyal to tampons. They are absolutely lovely and super convenient. 

You just have to make sure you insert it properly and remember to change it frequently. Also, buy the correct tampon for your flow or else you will get stained.  

Voke, 25

I started using tampons because pads made me itch. In 2013, I saw a tampon for the first time in Benin City and I bought it. I didn’t know anyone who used tampons but I was desperate for an alternative. I tried it when I was alone and I got stained that day. The next day, I tried squatting before inserting the tampon and it worked. Since then, I haven’t used pads exclusively. I only use pads if I am out of tampons and in a rush. If I don’t need to be outside and there are no tampons around, I free bleed. This means I bleed on a cloth and stay indoors. It actually helps my cramps.

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