Everything in this article is true. Believe me, I’m an Arsenal fan. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 17 years. If you’ve heard that Arsenal fans are good partners and you didn’t know why, this article will explain to you.

1. They don’t have standards

In the world of football, Arsenal is synonymous with failure. But they didn’t get there overnight. This process has taken over 15 years. People that are currently Arsenal fans have had over 15 years to stop supporting a club that has brought only pain to them. If you date an Arsenal fan, no matter how terrible you are, they will stay with you. They don’t have standards.

2. They will never leave you

Arsenal fans? Leave you? Never. You can’t offend an Arsenal fan enough for them to find a reason to leave you. They’ll always find excuses.

3. They will forgive you if you cheat

Let an Arsenal fan catch you in bed with another person. They’ll wait for you to finish, help you make dinner and you’ll all have dinner together. You can do this every day of the week.

4. They’ll spend their weekends indoors

This is how an Arsenal fan’s weekends go: They watch the Arsenal game, Arsenal loses, and then they become sad for the rest of the weekend. Go out and cheat? Never.

5. They’re loyal

Ask an Arsenal fan why they still support Arsenal and you’ll hear stuff like, “I just can’t leave”, and “I’m a gunner for life”. That is the type of person you want to date. They will stick around.

6. They’re used to trials and tribulations

If you think you’re a problematic person and nobody will like you because of all your wahala, you’re wrong. Date an Arsenal fan. They’re used to nonsense. They will accept you like that.

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