The last time I went down a google rabbit hole, it led to me discovering and renaming some very interesting sex positions. Now, I found very interesting beauty products while stuck in another google rabbit hole, and I will rename them and guess what they actually do.

My face as I keep looking at the images

1) The many faced brush

Why? Are you trying to brush the Sambisa forest? Why is it pointing in so many directions? I think this is a hair brush, but it may also be an eyelash brush. Who knows with these fashion people.

2) The flower

So, this looks like it was stolen from a bride’s bouquet. I think it is very pretty. Probably used for applying foundation to the face. I think this is one of the prettiest beauty products in this article.

3) The nose glasses

I think you put your eyeshadow palette on top of the platform and then wear it on your nose, so you don’t have to keep bending to take eyeshadow.

4) The Nunchaku

So, you are trying to tell me this is not a nunchaku? People are not carrying these around to protect themselves from bad people? The more I look at it, the harder I find it possible to comprehend what it is actually used for. Either way, I think it is used to pop pimples.

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5) The Leaf

I think you put on your face on this and then it sprays you with some sort of air. Maybe like setting spray for your make-up.

6) The Roller

Is this a hacked shaving stick? Do the blades only come out when they make contact with skin?

7) The Moon

I think this is to help you with the wing of your eyeliner, for the cat eye effect. It also looks like a knockoff dreamworks logo

8) The Ring

This might be a nose contour machine. You slot your nose into the hole and it vibrates, contouring your nose for you. Honestly, if this thing does vibrate then I do not think people will use it for noses.



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