Nigerian women love to boast about their intuition and how they can smell a rat from a mile away until they’re met with one or more of these situations. You’ve surely heard a Nigerian woman say, “It can never be me,” meanwhile, it’s always them. Intuition forever in the mud.

Here’s a list of times Nigerian women’s intuitions fail them.

1. When buying clothes from IG vendors

Na so so, what I ordered vs what was delivered for Nigerian women every time. No one knows what happens to our intuition when it’s time to pick the perfect IG store to shop from. 

2. When buying wigs from online wig shops

God help Nigerian women and intuition o because our intuition do usually lost. Nigerian women will order 30” double drawn wavy curly hair and get a 16” sponge. Intuition is never in sight to warn us not to patronize scammers. 

3. Getting into relationships with fuckboys

Nigerian women and saying, “I have a good feeling about this one,” right before dealing with the fuckiest fuckboy in the world.. Intuition finds a way to leave us when we meet disguising fuckboys till they show us their real colours. 

4. Mistaking a situationship for a relationship 

This is even worse than having a good feeling about something. Nigerian women sometimes replace their intuition with rose-coloured glasses and continue to convince themselves that what they have is infact a super romantic love story and not a situationship.

5. Dealing with men who live in Abuja

Maybe there’s something about the Benz, the white trad or the perfume that Abuja men wear that makes women lose their minds when they see those liars. Your intuition won’t be able to work with how heavy Abuja men’s perfumes are. 

6. When it’s time to help men out

After watching TinderSwindler on Netflix, I’ve been wondering if Nigerian women would have been scammed too and the answer is yes. If Nigerian women can date Abuja men, what’s now a billionaire with enemies? 



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