The mother-daughter relationship during the daughter’s teenage years aren’t pretty. The bickering is unmatched and the tension is unending. But there’s something about growing older that balances things out. Maybe it’s because you truly grow wings?  Well, here are eight signs you and your mum are now besties.

You know about all the men that could have been your fathers

If your mum hasn’t told you about her escapades at 25, then you haven’t unlocked the best friend level yet. The moment she tells you about her first love, she’s opening a rabbit hole into her darkest secrets.

You pick from her food

Imagine being 13 and using your spoon to collect food from your mum’s plate. The council of African mothers would have descended on you. But these days, you’re taking two pieces of meat from the pot with your full chest and even cutting from her plate. Tell me that isn’t love.

You talk about the lovers in your life

Gone are the days of hiding under your blanket to have midnight calls or lying about summer lessons to spend time with your crush. Now you’re showing her pictures of your mumu ex and getting valuable anecdotal advice.

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She gives you the tea

Nothing about the family is hush hush and no one is off limits. If you’re at the point where your mum tells you who’s cheating on who in the family and who is owing who, that’s your best babe right there.

You’re always out for brunch 

Remember when the only response to buying food outside was, “There’s rice at home?” Now the woman is sending pictures of the waffles and sandwiches she wants to try for Sunday brunch. 

You’re slaying to parties together

Mummy and daughters that slay together? What more do you need to say when you turn up as baddies with the woman that used to chase you around to cover up. Now you’re wearing the mini skirt version of whatever iro and buba she’s sewing.

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You’re catching flights and feelings together 

Low key, mums are sugar mummies that spray dollars without having to give any sugar. So travelling together means she can take care of your bills. A girls’ trip is sweet, but a trip with just your mum just hits different. 

Y’all are drinking alcohol now?

I was once beaten for drinking fruit wine at home. Now, my mum is mixing beer and Fanta and offering me some. If that doesn’t say bestie, I don’t know what does.

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