If you still haven’t gotten the memo, serving lewks is the second most important thing at a Nigerian party — second only to party jollof, of course. 

For the ladies that get it, stunting on this Tems’ internet is a full-time job, and you have to come correct every time because really, what’s the point of dressing up if you don’t get the desired reaction?

Credit: sammiesupreme

This list will prove that you absolutely need to jump on the sequins (or sequence, if you’re from Ibadan) lace train:

For when you want to make a statement

You can never go wrong with sequins if you’re going for not-so-understated elegance. You’ll be giving rich aunty vibes without even trying.

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For when you want versatile styling 

When we say “rich aunty vibes”, we don’t mean you have to stick to long gowns. You can have fun with your sequin fabric.

For when you want to flaunt that bod

The sequin fabric is already a style statement, making it much easier to draw attention to your charming self. Raise heads and turn necks, queen!

For a chic night out

You can also decide to ditch the dress altogether and still slay in a chic sequin jumpsuit. 

Boring dinner gowns? We don’t know her

Just take a look and tell me these sparkles aren’t doing anything for you.

For when you want a lil razzle-dazzle

Yes, it’s a playsuit, but you’re definitely not here to play.

Also useful for blinding your enemies

You know how they say “shine your light so everyone can see”? They were referring to sequin lace.

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