With all the hormones flying about during pregnancy, it is no surprise that pregnant women end up doing some very funny things. So, we asked people to share the funniest experiences they have had pregnant, and those they have witnessed.

Odion, 56

One day while I was pregnant I had this sudden urge to lick ice cream. It was a bit different from the 2am fried yam cravings. I felt like if I did not have ice cream, I would die. My husband’s friend had to help me buy ice cream. When he asked how much of the ice cream I wanted, I gave him a paint bucket and told him to fill it up. When he brought it back, I licked so much ice cream I passed out and woke up in the hospital.

Angel, 37

I could not eat stew made with a blender. I would come back home from work, remove my jacket and bring out the grinding stone. After grinding my tomatoes and pepper, I would give to my sister to cook for me. It had to be grinded with a grinding stone, and I had to be the one to grind it. My sister kept complaining because we had a blender, but that was the only way I would eat.

Amaka, 31

When I was pregnant I could only eat food with a small spoon. When my husband brought me indomie with a fork, I started crying. I told him that he didn’t love me and I threw the indomie at him. Now, I can admit that I was being a bit dramatic.


My sister made a grilled sandwich when she was pregnant with her second baby. It was in her hand and she was so excited to eat it that she started to cry because she knew it would taste good. She was just crying with the sandwich in her hand.

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Chinwe and I were waiting to see our customer at their office in Lagos Island. As I was filling the security logbook, you could smell the hot puff puff the security man just bought from the woman frying by the roadside. Heavily pregnant Chinwe started to beg for puff-puff like a starving child. Of course the security man gave her everything and proceeded to buy her more. The look of satisfaction in her eyes whilst eating was the funniest thing for me.

Halima, 29

At a certain point of my pregnancy, I could not wear ‘cold’ clothes. Every single cloth that touched my body had to have just been ironed. I will lay out all the clothes I plan on wearing that day, and iron them as I put them on. Even my underwear.

Anita, 28

One day I woke up at about 3am to eat bread and tea. I decided the best place to eat was in the guest room downstairs because I did not want anyone to come and beg me. While I was eating, tears kept coming out of my eyes because the bread was so soft and sweet. I did not know my husband was looking for me. When he eventually found me, I was dipping my bread in tea with tears in my eyes. He just shook his head and closed the door. I finished my bread, cleaned my tears, and slept off.

Bimbe, 26

I was watching a cartoon with my nephew and I got so invested in it, I threw my shoe at the screen when Dora kept asking for directions. I was so angry. My nephew went to report to his mother, and I had to buy them a new television.

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