As a society, it’s great that we’re embracing our roots and going back to a culture that beautifies the nation. Grateful to the people who decided not only to revive the mini skirt trend but take it a step further and make the skirts even shorter. If you wear mini skirts or want to get into it, here are some hacks to staying comfortable in it. 

Tights, leggings and socks 

If you feel you need more coverage to pull off a mini skirt, welcome to the wonderful world of tights, leggings and socks. Knee high socks help to create the illusion that you’re more covered than you actually are. Skin-coloured tights and leggings will make you feel but not look more covered. You can also make your tights and leggings a whole accessory to the look by using different colours and patterns. 

They will roll up. Relax 

Fidgeting with your short skirt in public will draw more attention to you than letting it just vibe. As long as you plan on moving in that skirt, it will roll up. Except it gets to the point where you’re too exposed, just leave it. 

Wear tiny shorts in a flared mini  

If your mini skirt isn’t straight and clinging to your body, please wear tiny shorts. The tendency to flash the general public is way higher in a flared mini skirt. The tiny shorts make sure what needs to be covered is covered. 

Tight skirts are more likely to make you chaff

If you’re a big-bodied babe and you experience friction in your thighs, a tight mini skirt might be the end of you. Sure there are stretchy tight ones, but usually, any mini skirt that’s straight and has a zip will cause your thighs to rub together in the most uncomfortable fashion. Wear short tights to help prevent the chaffing. 

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Bright-coloured underwear is rarely a good idea

Try to wear underwear that’s less attention seeking than the colour of your skirt. In fact, wearing underwear that’s the same colour of your skirt helps when it rides up too much. That way, it’ll just look like it’s part of the skirt.

Sometimes, what you need is moral support

Friends who wear mini skirts together, stay together. If you’re feeling self conscious or you think you’ll be the only babe wearing a mini skirt at the function, ask a friend if they’d be comfortable enough to join you. Sometimes, all you need to be the best version of yourself is a friend who encourages your “bad” behaviour.

Skirts, but like, with shorts 

What’s better than a mini skirt? A mini skirt with in-built shorts. This is the ultimate anti-flashing hack. Plus, it allows you to be more athletic and will prevent chaffing. You can never go wrong with them. 

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Find one that suits you 

Some people lie that mini skirts only suit a particular group of people, but it’s untrue. Mini skirts are versatile, so you can find one that specifically suits your body type. You don’t have to wear the straight low waist ones. You can wear skates, high-waist, straight, and even mini skirts with extra designs on them. Find a style that works for you and mini to your heart’s content. 

Just remember, the moment you decide to switch out long skirts for minis, you may never go back. They’re comfortable, sexy and are very ass flattering. It’s not just an outfit choice, it’s a lifestyle. 

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