Fashion trends, like karma, always comes back. Some of the items we wear now were things that trended in the late 90s and early 2000s. Their re-emergence started with young millennials and GenZs getting inspiration from Y2K fashion. To be very honest, we’re glad these looks are back and we’re also impressed with how well they’re styled these days. 

If you don’t have any of these in your wardrobe, you need to fix up IJN. 

1. Bell bottom jeans

Bell bottom jeans are so gorgeous on both men and women. Your mum and dad wore them back in the day and looked like the coolest kids on the block. They’re trendy and can be worn for any occasion.

Bell bottoms
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2. Sleeveless sweaters

It’s giving early 2000s music videos, but that doesn’t mean sleeveless sweaters are not cute. The fashion boys and girls have multiple videos on the internet that can teach you how to style these sweaters if you need help. It’s almost rainy season here in Nigeria, so there’s no better time to go a-shopping. The uglier the sweater, the better. 


3. Baggy jeans

Did baggy jeans really go out of fashion though? Baggy jeans are so comfortable and cute. Jeans are usually uncomfortable AF, but not baggy jeans. Dip into your cool kid bag and purchase a pair. 

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4. Durags

Durags didn’t really go out of fashion anyway. If you have hair on your head that you care about, you definitely should get a durag, especially a silk durag. Durags are stylish, they also protect your hair and help you lock in moisture. Being healthy while maintaining beauty? Big W.

5. Platform heels 

I’m a sucker for platform heels and there’s a pair from Versace I so badly want but can’t afford if I don’t rob my employer. Anyway, I digress. If you get my gist, you know how unmissable platform heels should be in your wardrobe. 

6. Oversized waistcoats and blazers

Style inspiration: Josh2funny and associates. If you’ve read it this far, you must have noticed this trend make a comeback. Everyone wants to be stylish while maintaining comfort. Oversized blazers can be worn in every part of the world and in different styles. 

7. Ashewo clothes 

Nolly babes were the queens of wearing what we now call ashewo clothes. Backless dresses with thin straps? Check. Short denim skirts? Check. Bandana-style, cut-out tops and mules with low thin heels? Check. Grouping all of these as ashewo clothes because the girls that get it, get it ✨.

8. Loose pants

When I say no one wants to be uncomfortable, absolutely no one wants to be uncomfortable. Palazzo pants have always been a thing, but now, loose pants have come to stay for both men and women. Loose pants can be made with any fabric, from soft cotton fabric to Ankara. 

9. Thin eyebrows

Before you start to protest, look at yourself and ask if your brows haven’t gotten thinner over time. You don’t have to update your wardrobe with thin brows, but you need to update it with the eye pencil Eucharia used to achieve this look.

10. Suspenders

While this may scream 70’s math teacher, trust me, those math teachers were the real deal back then. And even now, the style still bangs. There’s just that vibe of foreign education with a touch of colonialism that it gives off. You should definitely wear this if you’re trying to convince people to vote for you.

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