We all have things that we do that make us feel just a little bit guilty. These six Nigerian women share with us what their guilty pleasures are.

Bola, 25

Pringles. I love pringles so much. In school, I used to set money aside from my allowance to buy Pringles. It was even a part of my budget. My friend showed me a documentary on YouTube about a Pringles scandal. According to the documentary, Pringles is made with so little potato chips that they got sued. I swore to everyone that I’ll never eat them again, but that lasted about a year. Now, I sneakily buy a can every weak and eat it in secret.

Chisom, 18

I like eating really late at night. Sure food is good, but if I continue eating eba at 2am, I will look like a beer bellied stick figure. I just get really hungry at night and it feels like if I do not eat, I will die. I have even tried eating lighter foods like cereal, but I will still be hungry after. Sometimes, I eat rice and noodles, but eba is one of the easiest things to eat on such short notice.

Yinka, 19

I’m obsessed with baby food. My family members think I have a problem, but I honestly do not care. I can spend any amount of money on baby food.

Hafizat, 20

Because of my PCOS

I’ve been advised against eating processed sugar and dairy, but I always eat loads of excess sugar because I like it. It makes me feel bad, but that doesn’t stop me.

Chinwe, 23

Bad movies. I purposely look for movies and tv shows that people give bad reviews and I spend my weekend watching them with a bottle of wine. It’s so funny and entertaining, and I actually enjoy these movies. They’re tacky and actually very bad, but I love them.

Bukola, 27

In terms of guilty pleasures, mine has to be buying and owning sex toys. I currently own over fifteen, and I know it only increase in the coming months. There’s something about owning a new toy that makes me very happy and just brings me great joy.

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