You people like to lie and say that Nigerian women, but we’ve written this article to call your bluff. Nigerian women are the funniest and that’s a hill we’re willing to die on.


She’s really healed in Jesus name. See now, even ADHD doesn’t stop women from being funny.

2. I yelled

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you’ll know the context of this tweet. If you’ve not been on Twitter long enough, please, ask a friend to tell you what it means.

3. ‘Create a space in your office for the baby’


4. One issue at a time

Feminists are going to march for your cause, just be patient.

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5. ‘I saw on Twitter that Tunde has left’

6. Women being innovators as usual

Look at this gorgeous gorgeous girl creating a funny and necessary love language. We love a funny, problem-solving queen.

7. Girl, PLEASE

What’s going to happen if our mental health puts us first for a change?

8. 💀

9. She’s right tho

If you have sex in a uniform, it’s no longer casual sex, it’s now official sex.



11. ADHD definition

ADHD definition according to a Yoruba woman on behalf of Yoruba men.

12. Who are we to stop God’s plan?


If you still don’t think that women are the funniest set of people; we don’t know what to do for you again.

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