If you look around you, you’ll spot issues that feminists are solely responsible for. In fact, scientists have said that more than half of the world’s problems are a result of the very existence of feminism and the people who practice it.

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1. Lesbianism 

A huge part of feminism is women supporting and paving the way for each other, which we all know inevitably leads to genital meet & greets and violent scissoring.  This is how lesbianism was invented and how they keep recruiting people into the act.

2. The heat in Nigeria 

 Feminists are too hot. Their arguments are too hot, and their bodies too. The heat they emit is fucking up the ozone layer and speeding up global warming. Why hasn’t Greta Thunberg said something about this yet?! 

3. The price of fuel in Nigeria

Feminists have refused to refine crude oil themselves, and that’s why Nigeria is still importing crude oil and selling fuel at such a high price. Feminists need to come off their high horses and start refining oil or use all their knowledge to make water-powered cars. All this arguing on Twitter is not achieving anything.

4. The Nigerian passport being useless

Feminists aren’t doing enough to change the colour of the Nigerian passport. We’re not sure if changing the colour will help but they need to get to work and do something about it.

5. The quantity of Nkwobi

Feminists eat so little food because they are always watching their weight, and Nkwobi sellers seemingly market that meal to feminists. Now non-feminists have to eat so little too. 

6. Nigeria getting kicked out of the Afcon

. They were too busy focusing on Maduka Okoye’s beauty, they forgot to join the men on the pitch and play with them (seeing as they want to be men so bad). 

7. Exchange rate 

All feminists are doing is exchanging pussy juices instead of being beneficial to foreign exchange. 

8. The existence of Semo

Semo is here today because a feminist thought it was a meal worthy enough to be eaten. Gosh

9. Capitalism 

Your boss stressing you out today because a group of women loved the concept of work so much, they fought for the right for everyone to work. Now everyone has to wake up and obey their employer’s call.

10. Chief Daddy 2

The movie most likely has a feminist as part of the crew. That’s enough reason for it to be on this list.

11. Bad roads 

Bad roads exist because feminists won’t sit down in one place. Always moving up and down with their high-heeled shoes fighting for the rights of women and children. 

12. Divorce

See, it’s feminists that started divorcing men opened other women’s eyes to men’s red flags and bad behaviour.  Now, women all over the world see a reason to divorce their sweet husbands.


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