Yes, We Need To Give Praiz 3 Gbosas For Addressing Mental Issues In ‘Folashade’

February 28, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I like the trash that is Nigerian music.

Me, every time Wizkid starts singing.

Mainstream Nigerian artistes just know how to sing about money, sex and drugs but we all love it!

Everytime ‘Molowo’ ‘Molowo’

But is that what we’re here for?

And no one addresses important issues like mental health, especially depression

For the olodos, ‘Depression‘ is a constant state of feeling sad and hopeless, and could lead people suffering from it to have suicidal thoughts and actions.

You think ‘depression’ is not really a thing, but it is!

It affects people around us, and we really need to be attentive to these people before they hurt themselves

The way Folashade did in Praiz’s new video

Folashade, who suffers from depression for unknown reasons refuses to talk to Praiz – her lover. She later commits suicide in a bathtub.

Nigerian artistes, will you die if you talk sense in your music once in a while?

Except Runtown, we like his nonsense like that.

Please, a big round of applause for this Praiz’s video.

Praiz is fine, Praiz can sing and Praiz has sense. Be like Praiz.

This thing is serious. Be more attentive to friends and family and help prevent suicide.

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