Adulting is hard.

Like very very very hard.

Whether you are in Nigeria or in Obodo, you will agree that “adulting” is not even easy at all.

There are so many responsibilities and expectations. Sometimes you just want to scream:

In Nigeria, PHCN will suffer you. Fuel prices will make you cry. The Federal Government will just be doing anyhow.

In the obodo, they will work you like a slave and tax you like an animal.

But at least there’s plenty light na abi?

…Only if you pay your electricity bill sha.

Short story, there’s sha sufferhead everywhere.

Although some people prefer their sufferhead in the abroad.

This Naija guy chose obodo sufferhead and now, it appears he’s tired of it all.

Below is a skit by comedienne Maraji, showing an argument between a Nigerian man and his British wife, and it perfectly describes everything we feel about adulting.

If you could totally relate to this video, and you’re absolutely done with adulting, then this next post is for you:


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