Did you celebrate Valentine’s day all by yourself? Or are you one of those people who are single to stupor?

You might be wondering if anybody even loves you. This guy is having it worse than any lonely Nigerian right now. Check out these posts and all your feelings of sorrow and loneliness are sure to vanish.

This is the controversial Joro Olumofin. He tried to make a joke using himself as the scapegoat but unfortunately, it backfired.


He got rejected….

And again..

And again..

And yet again…

From all corners of the country..

@asemota @DemolaRewaju @Sawamss we the Calabar people whole heartedly donate him to Idoma people.We already have @Sir_Rollins_ to deal with

— eE (@etienetukudoh) February 13, 2016

Nobody wanted him…

Another rejection…

Where is the love?

Not even one accepted him….

When nobody from any of the diverse Nigerian tribes wants you…

Hay God! Poor guy! [zkk_poll post=18615 poll=content_block_standard_format_12]


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