Goodluck Jonathan and his corrupt officials have once again given us international exposure nobody asked them for

If you’re not sitting down, you should, because this one is BAD! It’s TERRIBLE!

Under our nose, Jonathan and former Minister of Petroleum during the Abacha regime, Dan Etete, sold our birthright to Shell

Recently uncovered evidence shows that Shell was involved in a bribery deal with Dan Etete, who is also the owner of this fake company, Malabu Oil(which he set up with our money in 1995, by the way). Somehow, in 2014, Etete got about $801 million of $1.1bn- money from the proceedings of the sale of one of OUR oil fields to oil giant Shell and Italian Oil company, Eni – to Malabu.

More baffling is the fact that the oil field -OPL 245- is worth $500bn in untapped oil!

OPL 245 as it’s called was one of our most valuable resources, worth 499 times more than what it was sold. Why do our leaders insist on selling our futures for temporary gain? Why?

Dan Etete, a convicted felon in France, was allowed access to such huge deals during the Jonathan’s administration. Where in the world does that happen? And what is Buhari’s government doing about it?

In 2011, Shell had to pay another $30 million for briberies alone. Foreign media say this is possibly ‘Big Oil’s Worst Scandal’ because Shell knew the transactions were illegal and denied them until last Sunday.

Will Jonathan and his cohorts be prosecuted?

There are reports the senate will summon Goodluck Jonathan, nothing is certain.

One of the documents uncovered showed how some of the money was split

Nigerian businessman Aliyu Abubakar withdrew $54,418,000 in cash. $466,065,965.44 withdrawn in cash and subsequently funneled to government officials including President Goodluck Jonathan, Attorney General Mohammed Bello Adoke, Minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke, Minister of Defence and former National Security Advisor Aliyu Gusau. $10,026,280 to former Attorney General Christopher Adebayo Ojo $11,465,000 paid to former Senator Ikechukwu

We should all be mad. We were robbed, again and again.

The United Nations says the funds it needs to resolve the famine crisis currently brewing in Northern Nigeria is about 1.5 times the amount collected from the sale of OPL 245. About 5 million people face starvation. Nigeria currently has no oil refineries, and electricity generation is at an all-time low.

The case is still being investigated and it’s unclear which way it will spin for now. But hopefully, everyone involved gets the justice they deserve.


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