There’s A Chinese Supermarket In Abuja But Nigerians Aren’t Really Welcome There

June 16, 2016
Nothing can be more shocking than discovering that the management of a Chinese supermarket has allegedly refused entry to Nigerians in groups, except when escorted by a police officer due to their alleged criminal activities.

According to the DailyTrust, this decision was reached after the supermarket was attacked by armed robbers who stole over 2.5 million Naira, leaving the owners injured.

Although the sign above says everyone is welcome to the store, an attendant who spoke with DailyTrust, explained that the alleged decision to bar Nigerians wasn’t discriminatory but a safety procedure to prevent recurrence of such activities.

The attendant however said Nigerians are allowed to enter the supermarket individually and not in groups except accompanied by a policeman.

In a now deleted post, Facebook user, Mohammad Jamu, claimed to have gone to the supermarket and was well-received only that people had to go in one at a time because of the robbery incident.

But wait a minute…

It’s not rocket science to know that there are several ways to improve security in any organisation than making only Nigerians go into the supermarket one at a time.

This development also points out the flaws in the Nigerian security situation and the risks Nigerians and foreigners are regularly exposed to.

However, the Nigerian police has to make efforts to curb criminal activities all over the country immediately.

This post as updated on June 16, 2016, includes the alleged account of the Facebook shopper, Mohammad Jamu, who went to check out the supermarket.

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