While some Nigerian musicians like Tiwa Savage and Wizkid are gradually taking over the world with their artistry, a certain D-List musician, Peeshaun from musical duo, Skuki, has decided that the next path in life for him is to write books.

That shouldn’t be a bad idea actually. People can decide to shelve their creativity for a while and show the world their intellectual side.

But when the said book is about the same old boring relationship advice for women, you can imagine how hard we rolled our eyes.

As if the ridiculous ‘Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man’ ideology isn’t bad enough, Peeshaun’s book aims to teach women ‘how to make their man fall in love over and over again’.

He claims his book aims to dish quality relationship advice to single women aged 18-40 from a guy’s point of view.

Words are not enough to describe how ridiculous that is. But one thing needs to be said, women don’t need any more ‘think pieces’ on how to keep a man, sincerely, mind your business!

Instead, Peeshaun needs to mind his business and probably work on being the A-list musicians, Skuki have been trying to become all these years.



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