There are over 7 billion people on earth today with obviously diverse cultures and ways of life. But why should food cause a huge fight  between people of different nationalities?

It all started when Love & Hip-Hop Star, Tammy Rivera shared a picture of a plate of Pounded Yam and Egusi on her Instagram.

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What y'all know bout it??… 🤗

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Those who found it disgusting commented saying the egusi looked really nasty.

And Nigerians brought the rage of their ancestors (and fuel queues), calling them slaves for daring to bash their beloved Egusi soup.

And then it became a full blown war between Nigerians and anybody that thought Egusi looked gross.

Some Nigerians bashed other people’s foods.

And people’s education and English speaking skills were questioned.

When did weaves and make up have anything to do with Egusi soup?

And while this messy fight was going on, Tammy explained to a fan who really wanted to know how she fell in love with Egusi.

Why are they cursing themselves on another person’s Instagram page over food?

When people that have to queue all night for fuel are calling people with constant supply of electricity slaves.

Not even all Nigerians like Egusi soup but Nigerians still went in to fight like…

When you try to ignorantly bash a Nigerian food but Nigerians came for you like..

Not all foods will be appealing to everybody, we all have our different preferences. However, people should learn about other cultures before commenting or simply just unlook!


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