Controversial politician and businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, recently joined Twitter but Nigerians didn’t receive him well. Apparently, he’s trying to contest during the forthcoming governorship elections in Ondo state, only months after his assets were seized by AMCON over a N50 billion debt.

When he opened his account, nobody seemed to care at first, Nigerians on Twitter were just minding their business.

But instead of him to form fake deep like the rest of his mates, he just started tweeting essays on his political ambitions, just like that.

And when he started promising to not owe worker’s salaries like the present administration does..

Nigerians came for him with receipts.

Instead of him to face his work and stop being an onigbese.

But how can an Onigbese successfully rule a state?

He tried to clapback but failed woefuly.

Maybe he’s just trying to pay off his gbese.

When you open Twitter with your name but Nigerians choose to give you a special nickname.

Perhaps he shares some similarities with Donald Trump.

When he couldn’t take it any more, he started complaining about the trolling.

Eh ya! He never knew Nigerians on Twitter don’t have home training.

He has kuku joined bad gang…

Don’t mind all of them Mr Jimoh, we at Zikoko have small home training and are not like the children of anger on Twitter.



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