Back in 1984,  Nigerian artist, Tunde Odunlade, and Assistant Secretary of State, Linda Thomas Greenwich, met for the first time.

Thirty years ago, Tunde, a print and textile artist went to Linda’s window to request for a visa to the United States when she was serving as a Consular Officer in Lagos.

Tunde, who was granted the visa rose to be one of the leading faces of traditional African art . His work has been displayed in many countries and is currently in a collection of institutions such as the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

Thirty years after their first encounter, as if by coincidence, Linda and Tunde happened to be panelists for a discussion on the Chibok girls.

Tunde recognised her and just had to pay her a visit to thank her for approving his visa in 1984. He even showed her some of his work.

Tunde Odunlade was the first African artist to exhibit at the Festival of Atlanta in 1987. Till date, he uses his art to address the social issues Nigerians face.

You can view his collections on his website.


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