One huge ela episode occured at the 2017 Oscars just last night

But you were snoring away, weren’t you?

While everyone had been expecting the Oscar nominated ‘La La Land’ to win Best Motion Picture- which is basically the biggest award of the Oscars- we also knew that ‘Moonlight’ actually deserved to win Best Picture.

For the current people like me who have actually seen both movies, you’ll agree that ‘Moonlight’ is a fucking GREAT movie.

Moonlight chronicles the coming of age of a young black boy in Miami. It addresses topical issues like racism, adulting while being black, it addresses sexuality and even abuse. It portrays the black man in a way we are not used to -as someone who can be vulnerable, bullied or abused, and even gay- as opposed to the hardened, drug addict roles that are usually assigned to black men in the movies.

I mean La La Land is great, but it’s not exactly Oscar-worthy, message-wise.

La La Land is a Hollywood movie about Hollywood. Not much to see here, really.

Anyway, I digress. The real issue is that ‘La La Land’ had been announced as the winner, when we discovered it was all a mistake.

Oops, what an awkard!

La La Land cast when they collected the award from them.

But who did they offend in this life? Aye le o!

Meanwhile, Moonlight cast was like:

”Winner ooo, winner!”

May God Moonlight your life in this manner, and chase your La La Land off the stage!



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