This Lady Wants To Keep Yoruba Culture Alive For Kids In The Diaspora

September 26, 2016
If you live abroad and have pondered on how to keep your kids interested in Nigerian culture, this brilliant mother of two has come up with a solution.

Gbemisola Isimi came up with a fun show idea when she realized that her 3-year-old daughter who loved to watch videos on her iPad, was not being exposed to Yoruba rhymes for kids, because there weren’t any available on Youtube. She started by translating the English nursery rhymes her daughter liked into Yoruba.

Culture Tree TV (available on Youtube) aims to teach youngsters Yoruba by translating old English nursery rhymes and children stories into animated videos in Yoruba. Just look at these cute kids go!

We hope Nigerian parents all over the world will take advantage of this fun platform to train their kids. We also hope to see Culture Tree Tv expand to accommodate as many Nigerian languages as possible.

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