How To Ask A Girl Out Nigerian Style

December 18, 2015

Are you male and finding it difficult to walk up to a potential bae and begin the seizing?

Well, start taking notes because these delectable Nigerian men will show you the best pick up lines to use.

Call her “Rasheedah”.

Well, just because you can.

Call her “Baby” or “Angel”.

Awww! Pet names are so adorable.

Hit her up on Whatsapp.

Get her number at all costs, Whatsapp is the way.

Tell her you like her future.


Call her diamond princess.

Yes, because that bae is a precious gift.

Come out straight and say you love her on the spot.

The Kingdom of God taketh by force.

Or you could be indirect and subtle.

In case she likes to play hard to get.

Ask to be her friend.

You may or may not get friend zoned depending on how sleek you are.

Tell her your heart is pleased with her.

It’s not a joking matter.

Show her the feeling you have in you.

In the mirror or however you want to go about it.

Be confident and cocky too.

Because you are an important person in the society.

Watch this video and see all the pick up lines you’ve never heard before.

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