We were in our lane as usual when we saw one very interesting gist. Apparently, a banker in Lagos tweeted in very strong terms about hating his job, and got fired the very next day! Obviously, his coworkers had seen it and shared it till it got to a boss who seemed to take it very personal.

According to this twitter user, his friend was just trying to vent about his job.

But it appears you cannot even play with all these employers anymore.

And you have to be careful of coworkers and ‘friends’ who can help you retweet your way to unemployment.

Companies are not even wasting time sacking people for any silly mistakes.

So if you have one small job that you’re managing, better hold it well.

You have to be very sharp about what you post on social media, regarding your job.

Even if your job is stressing you out, just be posting ‘ I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH!!!’ on social media!

Just like this smart sister who gets the gist so well.

The last thing you want in this tight economy is to be unemployed.

We even heard hiring managers are now doing amebo in applicants’ social media accounts.

Once you see your boss or coworkers following you on social media, you know what to do.

Don’t let anybody come and put you in trouble!



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