Just before the eviction show last night, Big Brother announced that Kemen had been disqualified from the competition.

Apparently, Kemen had groped TBoss while they slept and without her consent

Nigerians on social media circulated the video clip and called for immediate action, which Big Brother took without delay

A lot of people think Kemen’s disqualfication was appropriate

Because men are scum

And ‘Consent’ is not such a big word that people should not understand what it means

A big disgrace

What he did should be a criminal offence

It’s a big lesson in ‘No means no’ and a very strong ‘Yes’

Some people are blaming Tboss for ‘leading him on’ but we’re not here for senseless people

Remember, girls are not property. If they don’t say yes, you don’t lay a finger on them


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